Why Do Men Chase Women and Then Change When Women Show Interest? Here Are the Reasons Why

Although it is a fact that men and women have equal rights and their abilities are more or less at par to each other, there is still this unwritten rule – or shall we say, human primordial instinct – that guys and girls play quite different roles when it comes to courtship. If you are wondering why men lose interest after a woman reciprocates the attraction, it is because men like the thrill of the hunt.

Men chase, women catch – that’s one of the most basic points of human courtship. Generally, once the catch becomes inevitable, the chase comes to an end, and the thrill of the hunt subsides. Then the man then goes into “lazy mode” – he either puts his prize catch on the shelf and watch TV, or goes out looking for another prey to go after.

If you want keep your man’s interest, then you need to maintain the thrill – keep him on his toes and make him realize that the chase is far from over. Here’s how:

Cling and out he goes.
Don’t hold on to your man as though your life depends on him. Give him room to breathe and time to be on his own.

Don’t be a slave.
You can be caring and loving without being his personal servant. Let him do his share of chores. Go ahead and pamper him, indulge him sometimes, but be busy doing things for yourself, too.

Don’t nag or be quarrelsome.
Nagging is the surest way to make him tune out. C’mon, no one wants to be with a quarrelsome partner. Convince him gently, correct him tactfully, and complain lovingly.

As the age-old saying goes, keep yourself attractive.
Men are visual creatures and your man is most likely not an exception. So keep him attracted to you by being attractive – pay attention to how you look and smell.

Maintain a social life.
Nothing keeps a man on his toes than knowing that his woman is open to other men’s appreciation. No, you need not flirt with other men. You simply need to make your man realize that your world is not confined within his.

Maintain your individuality.
One of the biggest mistakes you can commit is to lose your individuality just because you’ve become a couple. Girl, if you want to keep him interested, then be you. Keep on growing and learning.

Hold your own.
Don’t be an extra baggage for him, especially not on the emotional side. Stand up straight and face the world with a positive attitude.