Why Do Women Lose Interest In Nice Guys?

You first meet a woman whom you are really interested in, plucked up the courage to start an amazing conversation with her and then she even agrees to go out on a date with you! You are really happy as it seems as though your luck is changing when it comes to your romantic life, and so you do everything you hear women saying what they would like a guy to do for them: taking her out to nice restaurants, buying her things and showering her with compliments and so on. But then… something happens, She stops returning your call, she starts becoming distant and she says the words guys would not want to hear: “I like you more as a friend.”

Does that sound all too familiar to you? But you probably hate it more when she ends up being with another jerk or ‘badboy’ just 2 weeks later! So why did she lose interest in you in the first place?

First of all, you have to got to realize that being nice is not equivalent to being attractive. A woman’s attraction instinct is genetically programmed to guide her towards a man who will meet her basic need for safety and security. Most women say otherwise because this all comes really naturally and they probably aren’t even aware of this fact. If you doubt this to be true, just look for a woman who is attracted to a man who seems to be a slightly obnoxious ‘jerk’, and ask her what she actually sees in him. I am sure that 90 % of the time her answers won’t even make any sense at all, and sometimes she might even tell you she’s not even exactly sure herself!

So why would she still want to be with him? The reason is simple, because that guy is able to make her feel safe and secure, and that makes him really attractive to her. Of course this doesn’t mean that women are attracted to men who are disrespectful and men who mistreat them.

So how do you actually strip yourself of that ‘nice guy’ title and yet not be a complete jerk? It’s really simple yet difficult at the same time, as it would take a lot of self-analysis to be able to do so. Most of your guy friends probably would be clueless when it come to these things, and of course it would be even more pointless to seek your female counterparts for help. You just need to realize when you are treating women differently from the way you would treat a normal person, treating them as though they are of a higher social value, and stop doing that! That’s really all there is to it.